Photographer & Art Director

Eric Marquez (American, b.1988) is a photographer & art director based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Working across many genres to explore and document curiousness. With this approach he captures the vigorousness and vulnerability of who is in front of his visual medium. His unique gape on the world pursue to express individuality, sexuality and freedom with a sincere entitlement no matter where in the world he is.

Rooted by the subcultures of Los Angeles, Marquez was surrounded by the variety of countenance the city had to offer. He was intrigued by how people live and expressed themselves through art, sports, music, food and cultural traditions. He found beauty in those differences. 

At an early age he discovered photography and design as a medium to explore ways to tell a story and behold different experiences and scenes in a way to navigate the world.




Contact / Phone: +46 70 074 42 65

Stenkolsgatan 5, 417 07 Göteborg, Sweden